Sunday, October 9, 2016

So many things at once!

   I usually don't blog on my old site but from time to time I come back to home, where my blogging began. I still love the feel of this site, I was just having so many problems with it. So hello to anyone still coming here. I've got my coffee beside me and have some time to write. I hope I don't run you off by typing to much,lol.
    First thing that's been a big change is we welcomed a new granddaughter into our lives. Clementine.

Also Hubby is recouping from surgery so I am home for awhile. Prayers for a fast healing. 4 to 6 weeks recover time poor guy. He wanted by the window so I put the lawn chair in front of the picture window so he could see out. He is a farmer and a full time worker of the farm so being laid up is the worse thing this old boy would want. I'm worried some and will call the doc tomorrow on a low grade fever that pops up from time to time.

  As for me I'm still messing with my chickens and working full time . Starting to figure out our retirement for next year. We are both so ready. Few new health problems, diabetes and liver disease has stuck out there evil heads, but God has that so I'm not to worried. 

 The leaves are starting to change, just hope a strong wind doesn't blow them off early.
 Thanks again for all who still visit me here, like I said this was my first home.
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