Monday, October 24, 2016

"Thankfulness Challenge"

 One should always check their email! I wasn't sure I had gotten into this challenge so I was waiting to post. I did a check on email this morning and seen where I haven't check for a few weeks, Oh my. 249 emails were waiting, does anyone else do that? Forget email? anyway I should post..

This is my quiet spot. 
 Every morning and when ever I can steal some time I set and read, do my needle work, or just praise our Lord. I'm thankful for this, why you might ask. To me this small chair is my safe zone. When I am sad I sit here, pray, think , praise. Yes I could do that any where, but here is home. I look around me, see my home. I see my children playing when they were young, see my grandchildren running about. So even though it's just a chair, a place to sit, for me it's my life line and I'm thankful for it. So small a thing but so large in my journey. Have a wonderful day, and please I'm sure you would enjoy to join
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