Saturday, November 5, 2016

What a waste but then came hope!

   I have just spent almost 5 months thinking about myself. What a waste of 5 months.I was told of my diabetes and liver disease the spots on my kidneys and I let it swallow me, I handed over my life to it, I thought about it day and night. As my eye drooped more and more and the worry wrinkles showed their ugly head I was even more consumed in its grip. Today I got what I was praying for, Hope to live to see my childrens children grow. How selfish of me, I think I made things w...orse on everyone because of the poor poor me attitude while friends around me were sinking worse then my dreams found me. I'm sorry. I made this board because I wanted to help other people who were facing life challenges, so today please look beyond your sickness; see the good yet to come the bad will happen and we can't change that. I know I'm not healed and I know I still have a journey, that's ok I'm still going to live life! God gave it to me and no one or thing is taking it until God says enough Sherry come home. I'm off today going to walk in the sunshine of my soul ! Your welcome to join.
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