Friday, September 29, 2017

Fall and that pounding!

I've always loved fall. The colors and smells of the trees in the fall around us are breath-taking. Living on a farm has its rewards because I can walk in the woods daily. Watch the leaves change on the trail and drift off to thoughts of childhood. In woods like these we use to play with grapevine swings. Let me tell ya that's what we called them, but no grapes were there, they just looked like them. They would be climbing up the side of a tree and mangled in its branches. We would cut it up the trunk at a height we could all reach and just swing out. We could get it to go out a long way seemed like forever to our young minds. Now I'm not sure kids do that sort of thing, but here in these woods I see them. Five kids having a blast back then, just playing with what we had.
That pounding is getting louder, but I'm not going to listen. Right now I'm riding my pony down a ole gravel road, not many cars come on this road so off I go. I could ride my house Blackie like the wind. He would always go right where I wanted him to be. I could lay my head down on his mane and he would just keep to the path. Loved that horse. Grandpa got him for me, or at the least that's what he told me. My grandpa was my night in shining armor. He would always take away my fears, let me cry in his arms and always told me that I was his little blondie. He always made me feel good enough, I enjoyed my time with him and grandma. Grandma always told me that he spoiled me, then laughed and gave me windmill cookies. I wonder if they make them anymore? She was the one who  got me started into chickens. She had fried chicken or chicken and dumplings on Sundays. She would go out, chase a chicken grab it and until I got a little older would take it to the hen house and chicken we would have. There's that pounding, I won't be able to hold it off much longer as I try to finish this note. Life is always changing and I'm forever getting older so the pounding has to be answered as I realize how long this is.....back to the ponding of real life, but I will be back to the memories again. HAPPY FALL EVERYONE!
grapevine 2

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