Monday, January 1, 2018

Fresh Start

I love the start of a new year ,clean slate, new dreams and fresh starts. This year I will be starting it as a retired woman. I have always put God first,then my family, and then work. Over this past year though ,I felt like work was taking more of me each day. It was hard to say goodbye to friends that I had worked with for over 28yrs.I hope they will always be there.

My New Year will be full of slower things, bible reading, walking in the runtheyear2018, and putting things to rest. I want a simpler life. If your a John Wayne fan,"Whoa, take 'er easy there, Pilgrim"That's just what this lady is going to do.

This year I feel more and more pulled to God. I'm not sure if it's age getting me or just that I fought so hard this year to get better. I have said this before, Diabetes has been a harder struggle for me than my brain tumor ever was. My memory is failing because of it, and my liver was damaged because of the treatment of it, but I took it.  The diabetes has been harder because everything in my life affects it. People who have it understand what I mean, My life has to change.

Goals this year are not in question, my marriage to a wonderful God fearing man, the love of my children and grandchildren are all the goals I have, all of this I put at the feet of the Lord, because He is head of us all. So I open my New Year with God in control, it has to be a great year!

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