Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May 1st, so many hopes and dreams !

    Like so many folks April was cool and rainy. We did get some things almost finished.  Really hoping that May will be a planting month for everyone.
 The electric fence still needs put up, but then we are done.
 The hotbed was put into place, now to fill it with compost. It sets 
a long the fence nestled in the strawberries. I will lay stepping stones about, to use.

 and I can't get it done without Rinny. She has to smell everything. When I did she digs, lol.

We are changing the yard, seems like every few years we need a change. I always laugh and say it's because we traveled so much in the military. We like change. This time it was moved because of the tree on the hill beside it. That's a walnut tree and because of the nuts falling right on the hillside some stay put where they land. We are getting older and to think ahead, we moved them. Trips and falls we don't need.
So now the hill side is clear, easier to mow and safer for us.
I sure hope everyone has a wonderful day. Get out and enjoy the warmth and sunshine today,
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